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Feb 28, 2014 1:00am EST
. they have such a diverse range of energy, infrastructure. it, they tend to have done well. one area that they have not done, one of the companies he has owned, one of the most famed companies that he holds. it has not borne fruit in 2013. it is got a lot of international exposure. u.s. and the growing economy. >> he holds many records. one long-standing record might come to an end this year. >> a 44 year record. it could be the first time he ever misses his target to increase the net worth more rapidly than the s&p 500. >> he doesn't care about the share price? >> he doesn't. you look at the book value of berkshire hathaway. since he took over it has outperformed the s&p 500. you look at five years, each five years always outperformed the s&p 500. this time it might not. 2013 was such a stellar year. the s&p 500 returned 128% since the end of 2008. that is a phenomenal performance but it is not living quite up to his usual target. 65, thet forget society book thought he was $19. year on year, compounded, generally you're getting 20% from berkshire hathaway. that heinz might be one o
Mar 5, 2014 1:00am EST
. steel, power producers. 65% of the energy needs are produced by: this country and a lot of these producers are around the city of beijing. they do not necessarily have the filters on the smokestack and that is why we get stuck with the smog. today, absolutely what they call a blue sky day here in beijing. it oftentimes is the opening of the biggest party. temperatures drop, skies clear, and then they all gather and do their thing. like magic. stephen engle reporting their live from beijing. to reducetic evidence issues in the crimea, they consider a loan to help pay its debt to the national gas exporter, gaza problem -- ga zprom. ryan chilcote filed this report. >> in independence square, calling on the men in the crowd to sign up for the ukrainian army to take on russian forces in crimea. theexpectation here is that next round may not involve troops at all. the ukraine relies on russia for most of its energy. they use the natural gas to fuel its industry and heat homes. that reliance will be russia's next weapon. they could punish the ukraine by cutting the gas off alto
Mar 3, 2014 2:00am EST
. this is all because of what's happening in ukraine? >> you have the biggest energy user. we see these spikes in oil when we have tensions rise in the middle east, and then they come back down again when you see those recede. when people talk about trade sanctions, you can see how it could hit the likes of russia. 20% of their national income comes from natural gas alone. so it could hurt them. you have to say, russia is not iran. i was looking at some of the stats from b.p. statistical review. a third of natural gas imports into e.u. come from russia. any kinds of trade sanctions there would hurt russia, and it would hurt europe, too. >> and there are questions raised about what will be the spongs in terms of sanctions, but also what will be the russian response with regard to gas supplies. the gas problem has been suggesting it could end natural gas discounts to ukraine and that could have effects to the rest of europe. >> it would definitely do that. the gas problem today is one of the biggest in the equity market down to almost 10%. they are -- down almost 10%. they are getting hit hard.
Feb 27, 2014 1:00am EST
europe needs a lot of infrastructure investment, whether it is energy or highways or other forms of infrastructure to make europe a leading economic zone in the world. for this infrastructure investment, you need investors who can trust what is going on. therefore, i think it is a very crucial discussion, and that governments and super organizations in europe give this trust to long-term investors. >> mr. wemmer, it has been good talking to you. thank you for your time. dieter wemmer the ceo of allianz , europe's world largest insurer, which issued a profit warning. >> lego is one of the best-known toy companies and perhaps the most dynamic, more than tripling profit in the full-year of 2012. today we will get an update on the performance from 2013. david tweed is in lego's home town in denmark. they are having success, but not always the case. how do they turn around? >> we were talking earlier how the new chief executive, a 34-year-old, came into the company and he asked fundamental questions. the main question being, what is lego? he actually looked at the company and realize
Mar 4, 2014 1:00am EST
landscape is changing a lot in terms of where they get their energy. >> they want to get linn energy or renewal -- green energy or renewable energy, up to 45% of production. that shows you the evolution of change. you are seeing prices, prices have been under pressure all year. prices have been dropping by about 15%. that cuts profitability by up to 30%. >> the whole gamut of gas and energy markets reacting to the ukraine situation. indexsia's benchmark jumped the most since september 2012. that is after dropping 11% yesterday. head ofoined by emerging market strategy. thank you for joining us. we are in volatile times. the sizable declines, a slight rebound today, how would you expect emerging market assets to fair in the coming days and weeks? is the appetite towards emerging markets have been improving quite considerably since the days of pathetic -- since the days of panic. right now, everybody is watching the ukraine crisis and we need to find out how this crisis is going to -- before we can be more comfortable. very much a russian story? remember the days of the syria crisis la
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5